Brookdale of Kenwood

Quick Facts


Kenwood, OH


53,304 Square Feet


Karrington of Kenwood Ltd.


DSI Architects, Inc.

Project Type

New Construction

Project Summary

Brookdale of Kenwood (formerly known as Karrington of Kenwood) is a 67-unit assisted living facility that incorporates a specifically designed living section for residents with dementia. The building, as a whole, was designed to provide a strong residential feel to create a sense of a real home environment.  The layout of the facility encourages balance between social and private spaces with a large grand entry with a bifurcated stair, an ice-cream parlor, cafe, large dining hall and 67 bedroom units.

The architectural style lay between a blend of Victorian and Colonial;  Victorian due to its ornate gable ornamentation, the slight asymmetry at the entry (with the octagonal rotunda nestled to the side of the entry portico), and multiple rooflines;  and Colonial due to the simple tuscan-like columns, paned windows, arched portico.  The facility includes large porches throughout the exterior as a transitional space making it more informal and inviting.

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