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CINTECH has served the tristate area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky for 36 years.  Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality construction management, general construction, and design-build services to create our customer’s vision built upon our Core Values of Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment, and Quality.

We exemplify leadership in LEED design with LEED Accredited Professional employees who are involved in both the design and construction processes.  Established in 1984, we have completed over 450 private and public building projects valued at over $500 million.

As a design/build general contractor, we specialize in commercial, institutional, and industrial building construction throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.   Our work includes new construction, expansions, renovations, and interior finishes, with expertise in a wide variety of sectors, including: Medical + Healthcare

Assisted Living


Corporate Offices

Industrial + Manufacturing

Warehouse + Distribution





Non-Profit + Faith-Based



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Core Values


The foundation of Cintech’s core values is knowledge as it is a necessary precedent to taking any form of action.  Building requires action.  One must know the construction process, know safe and effective construction practices, and know their customer.  With these three key points of knowledge (process, practice, and customer), our customer’s vision will become actualized.


An essential component to building and maintaining any relationship is possession of integrity;  It is the generative force behind effective communication and a strong collaborative process both of which are necessary constituents for a successful project.   Neither relationships nor buildings can be built without integrity.


Commitment is revealed through our dedicated effort to actualize our customer’s vision.  Our commitment to our customer’s vision reinforces our integrity.


The three prior values all cohesively work together to effectively make our customer’s vision a reality, a reality built with great care and attention to detail.  This attention to detail lends itself to a finalized vision of great quality built upon commitment, integrity, and knowledge.

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Success on a project begins and ends with safety

Two Steps to Safety

1) Know: In order for proper safety practices to be implemented, it is vital to have the required knowledge of all inherent risks in construction during each phase of a project.  Without knowing the potential risks, there is no way of eliminating those risks.

2) Act: The next step is to take action on the jobsite by applying the preventive measures needed to reduce or eliminate potential risks or hazards.

The Two Steps to Safety is implemented on a continual basis.

-Daily jobsite safety checklists are performed by our Site Superintendents.

-Weekly meetings are held on site with all subcontractors in which Project Managers provide reminders on the importance of safety.

-Monthly mandatory meetings are held to help refresh proper safety practices and any updates on OSHA requirements.

In addition to these daily, weekly, and monthly refreshers, Safety audits are performed regularly on all projects by Road to Safety, our safety consultant.

Each project is unique and may carry with it different risks.  Prior to beginning any project, a site-specific health and safety plan is created to address any foreseeable risks.

The effectiveness of Cintech’s Two Steps to Safety Program is accomplished in providing continual education and is proven with our favorable EMR (< 1.0) and Worker’s Comp Rating.

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Cintech uses the most current construction software platforms to provide the best services to our customers.

In the estimating and preconstruction phases, we use buildingconnected which enables us to easily find and qualify the best subcontractors for your building vision.

During the construction phase, we use Procore, Bluebeam, and Autodesk (CAD & Revit).

Procore is an industry leader in construction management software and is a powerful tool that allows us to oversee your project with greater capacity and efficiency thus increasing the quality of your building.

All submittals, drawings, schedules, are input through Procore and accessible via the cloud through any mobile device.  The procore app can be downloaded to your

device, so you, the Owner, can monitor the status of your project at anytime, anywhere.

Cintech uses Bluebeam, an additional markup resource to review drawings and documents.

Lastly, we implement use of AutoCAD andRevit, particularly in the coordination of MEP design to discover conflict before install.

  • Building Connected
  • Procore
  • Autodesk
  • Bluebeam
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Cintech takes action in monitoring our impact to the environment throughout the building process.

We take a conscientious effort to use prefabricated materials in controlled environments whenever possible versus fabrication on the jobsite where inclement weather and accessibility can pose serious risks in creating wasted material.

Secondly, we manage our construction waste efficiently using the appropriate waste containers to haul off recyclable materials from fill and un-recyclable materials.

Third, we adhere to Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plans (SWPPP) with continuous site management of silt fencing and site-runoff.

Fourth, we employ a LEED certified architect and estimator on our construction team which enables us to properly and effectively design and price the appropriate systems to  increase the positive environmental impacts your building can have in your community.



USGBC Member
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