Kings Island Toll Plaza

Quick Facts


Mason, OH


10,109 Square Feet


Kings Island


RSL Architecture

Project Type

New Construction

Project Summary

The Kings Island Toll Plaza project was a new entry way into the amusement park’s parking lot.  Previously there were multiple entries to the parking lot with a few access points.  The 13 lane, 12 booth toll plaza enabled Kings Island to manage and control customer traffic more effectively and through only one access point into the parking lot.

Each of the storefront booths features two sliding doors, a PTAC unit, and custom casework desk.  Each booth sits on a steel reinforced concrete island wrapped in a yellow painted carbon metal bull-nosed form.  Thousands of feet of electrical and data conduits were run underground to accommodate for dedicated circuits to each booth from the operations room which houses the switchgear and panelboards.

All the booths and concrete islands are beneath an overhead structural steel framed canopy wrapped in EIFS.  The columns were wrapped with glass fiber reinforced gypsum.

This project operated in the heart of winter and was constructed within a temporary reinforced plastic frame with temporary heat to help maintain schedule.

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