Kroger Anderson

Quick Facts


Anderson, OH


45, 934 Square Feet




CR Architecture

Project Type

Addition / Expansion & Renovation

Project Summary

This project was a 45,934 square foot expansion and renovation of Kroger’s existing Anderson store location, making it the grocery chain’s largest storefront in the US. The store remained open to customers throughout the duration of construction.

The project was completed in two phases and required two superintendents. Phase one entailed the building addition and phase two entailed the interior renovation of the existing store.

A new dairy cooler section, storage area, clicklist operations, offices, The Little Clinic and patient care center, a Pharmacy, bank, Tide dry cleaning, new cart corral, and entry were built with the expansion.

The renovation updated all the decor throughout the varying sectors of the store. The predominant changes from the renovation work were to the Meat & Seafood sections and Liquor & Beverage sections.

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