Lindner Center - Sibcy House

Quick Facts


Mason, OH


13,819 Square Feet


Lindner Center of Hope


Champlin Architecture

Project Type

New Construction / Addition / Expansion

Project Summary

The Sibcy House is a 13, 819 square foot annex to the Lindner Center of Hope’s main structure.  The annex was created to help the Lindner Center provide additional services to young adults in need of short-term residential treatment for mental health and addiction issues.

The building was designed to complement the qualities of the existing building with the stone facade but to add more of a cozy mountain lodge sentiment with its heavy timber trusses and beams.

The building consists of three wings connected by a large common dining area with heavy-timber vaulted ceilings.  At two ends of the dining/activity room are stone chimneys with double-sided fireplaces, to emit warmth to the dining area as well as the the living rooms of each wing.  Each living room is surrounded by eight patient bedrooms styled akin to  luxury apartment suites.  A third wing consists of administrative offices.

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