Metropolitan Sewer District

Quick Facts


Cincinnati, OH


58,910 Square Feet


City of Cincinnati


KZF Design, Inc.

Project Type

New Construction

Project Summary

As a design/build project, the City of Cincinnati commissioned Cintech and KZF Design to build the Metropolitan Sewer District’s new office building for its wastewater engineering staff.

The building is designed for optimal energy performance and came in as the first LEED Gold certified building for the City of Cincinnati.  As of 2017, the building still ranks as the 9th greenest building within the Tri-State, scoring 48 LEED points.

The building features a vegetated roof in order to optimize energy performance, reduce water use, and storm water runoff.  Additionally, solar panels line the other half of the roofing to provide more energy efficient power.  The building is surrounded with windows, allowing for 90% of the interior to be naturally lit by daylight.  At the building’s main entrance is a water fountain feature that represents the stages of wastewater treatment: screening, settling, aerating, and clarification before release to rivers and streams.

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The talented and dedicated team of Cintech and KZF delivered on their commitments, completing the project on schedule and within budget.  Cintech was a true value-engineering team contributor at the project’s inception and during design development.  The excellent communication, cooperation, coordination achieved between team members make this a model of successful design/build project delivery.

-Ali Bahar, PE
Supervising Engineer
MSDGC (Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati)