St. Elizabeth’s METS Center

Quick Facts


Erlanger, KY


23,569 Square Feet


St. Elizabeth / Corporex


PCA Architecture

Project Type

New Construction / Addition / Expansion

Project Summary

The St. Elizabeth’s SIM Center project was a 23,569 square foot addition to St. Elizabeth’s existing METS Center.  Approximately 8,000 SF of the space are administrative offices, with huddle rooms, director offices, open offices, files, storage, and a break room.

Another 8,000 SF of the space is dedicated to the simulation labs to replicate real-life emergency scenarios. The facility includes a Trauma Lab adjacent to an ingress for ambulance emergencies.  Control rooms with one-sided mirrors are located adjacent to each lab room.  There are five lab rooms and four patient bedrooms, a nurse’s station, and five debriefing rooms.  The remaining 7,000 SF is comprised of two large classrooms, two large computer labs, a skills lab, and main lobby.

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