Talbert House - Grand Avenue

Quick Facts


Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH


42,000 Square Feet


Grand Development Initiative, LLC


Avila Architects, LLC

Project Type


Project Summary

The Talbert House Grand Development Initiative was a complete transformation of an existing apartment building that had been vacant for several years.

Talbert House is a community-wide nonprofit organization that operates five service lines: Adult Behavioral Health, Community Care, Cour and Corrections, and Housing and Youth Behavioral Services.  Neil Tilow, President & CEO of Talbert House indicated in a press release, “this is the first Talbert House-supported apartment community in Cincinnati.” The facility is specifically made for helping reintegrate people within Talbert House’s program back into society.

This project consisted of a very detailed and comprehensive demolition plan. There were 39 total units all of which received completely new flooring, lighting, kitchens, plumbing fixtures, windows, HVAC PTAC units, and new porches.  Each unit contained a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  The exterior of the building received a new white TPO roofing and rooftop units to supply conditioning to the hallways and common areas.

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