The Center

Quick Facts




15,000 SF


MCA Center, LLC.


Burgess & Niple

Project Type

Interior Renovation

Project Summary

The Mercantile Center project in downtown Cincinnati consisted of several upgrades to their facility with a two month schedule. Schedule was critical as the wedding season was already booked for the subsequent months and the renovations had to be complete no later than March 19th.

The project consisted of a detailed demolition plan requiring removal of existing ceilings, flooring, doors and frames, partitions, mechanical ductwork, some masonry for enlarged openings, electrical removal with reuse of conduit where possible, and removal fo the marquee lighting and plasterwork at the dome perimeter.
Bathrooms were stripped completely and renovated with new ceramic tile and new plumbing fixtures.

New ceiling grid was provided throughout the space. A new light cove was installed at the base of the dome’s perimeter to provide a ambient lighting effect for the space’s events.

The stone masonry at the entry was removed for a wider grand entryway. This required removal of an existing steel lintel and removal of existing storefront. The stone masonry was salvaged to the new entry jamb and header. Just beyond the entry, structural steel was added above to allow for the load of a new chandelier centered within a newly installed ceiling cloud.

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