Warehouse Construction & Distribution Center Construction

Warehousing and distribution is a big job that requires big resources for success. Building centers for storage and distribution is always a major undertaking. You can’t afford to take chances or cut corners on such integral parts of your work and industry. You need contractors and a construction solution that can take you from the first, most undefined part of design all the way through a completed and operational warehouse building or distribution center. That is what Cintech Construction offers that is different from a typical construction company. From day one to last, we’re with you every step — ensuring that your construction is what you needed all along.

How to Use Design to Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

Ultimate warehouse efficiency can only be achieved when designed from the ground up. A solid philosophy, combined with a systematic approach and born from experience is how you craft efficient warehouses and storage space before ever breaking ground. Warehouse construction companies will all survey a site and get input from your primary needs. As a construction company, Cintech sets itself apart by focusing on problems and solutions before they arise.

Cintech Construction

Site Controls and Logistics

It’s one thing to design a warehouse with a contractor on paper and expect it to work. It’s another to account for site controls and logistical barriers. When you and your contractor consider these barriers before primary work begins, you can eliminate the largest obstacles before they ever appear. Costly delays are completely avoided, and the project are set up to succeed, rather than doomed to mire in logistical setbacks and bottlenecks.

Existing Conditions

Alongside logistics, it’s vital to completely ascertain and account for existing conditions. These are the sources of adversity that prevent warehouses and storage spaces from becoming all that they can be, and they’re what should be considered at the outset of the process. The Cintech company method is to account for as many variables as possible from the very beginning. This leads to a more efficient initial process, and that, in turn, leads to better construction and a more efficient final product.

Specialty Buildings

In some cases, the needs of a site are so specific that general construction plans can’t possibly satisfy them. That is where specialty buildings can offer amazing alternatives. One of the best examples of a specialty building is the Red Bank Medical Office. It is home to four different medical practices, each with a different specialty. The entire process required strict adherence to minute details, and it shows how a specialty solution can be crafted from the ground up when the process is done correctly.

Featured Warehouse Construction Projects

Custom Warehouse Construction Projects

Sites need custom work for any industry. Whether the goal is a commercial office structure, retail, storage, service industry or warehousing, the process is what determines the success rate. Cintech provides services to help your company select the contractor, architect and engineer for any given warehousing or storage project.

Early Planning

Cintech has created building facilities and storage space with both traditional design-builds and general contractor approaches. Early planning lies at the heart of all successful construction projects. It is where we take existing conditions, site controls, and many other factors into consideration. It is also where you begin to narrow your range of options to plan an optimized industrial building.

Pre-Construction Options

Some industrial projects can save time and money by borrowing ideas from existing work. That concept is pushed to the limit with pre-construction service. There is more than just a contractor that can jumpstart a project can get to a satisfactory end-stage sooner, and without cutting corners.


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are exactly what the name suggests. They can range from simple hangers to multi-story industrial facilites. The limits to what can be pre-engineered are not easily exceeded. By designing the building with the manufacturer, steel components can be shipped ready for raising. The service cuts construction costs and time considerably.

Precast Concrete Construction

Precast concrete construction follows the same philosophy as PEMB. The concrete is molded and cured before shipping to the construction site. This saves time and money by eliminating custom molds from the on-site process. The precast elements can be incorporated into the project in a mere fraction of the time, and the overall integrity of the site is as strong or stronger than it would be using custom methods.

Best-Value Approach

With our realistic scheduling, accurate budgeting, and value-engineering, we will provide the best value for your warehouse or distribution center project. The amount of decisions to be made for your new warehouse can be intimidating, but that is why we are here! We help simplify the construction process and guide you down the right path from the most effective contractor and delivery method to ensuring the correct building approach to your warehouse.

Our best-value approach means that you’ll have our services every step of the way, from input on design to putting the finishing touches on your new warehouse before your doors open for operations.

At Cintech, our company is there to build all the efficiencies you need right into your storage and distribution warehouse, making it easy for you to utilize your space. We’ll talk with you about your specific construction needs to and ensure that everything is in place to get your facility up and running smoothly. We understand that you have many choices when you’re looking for a warehouse construction company for your project, and we’re glad you’re considering working with Cintech.

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