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We understand there are many options when searching for an industrial construction company and it can feel like an overwhelming process to select a qualified General Contractor. If you have previously experienced the process of an industrial building undergoing construction, you likely understand the importance of selecting the right industrial building construction company to complete your industrial construction project, but what exactly makes an industrial building construction company the right one?

The answer: EXPERIENCE! As a construction company that excels in providing industrial building construction services, Cintech has over thirty-five years of experience as an industrial building contractor with 99 industrial facilities built to date and a diverse client base: e.g. GE Aviation, Ashland Chemical, Pole Zero, Ken API Supply, Pitt Ohio (amongst others). We are here to help your growing organization effectively and efficiently plan and construct your next industrial facility whether it is a warehouse, a distribution center, light or heavy manufacturing facility, or trucking terminal. We are here to help you build your vision.

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize how vital the Preconstruction phase is for your industrial building project; it will be foundational to its overall success. Within the preconstruction phase we will perform the following tasks:

  • Review customer’s specific needs & Project requirements
  • Review the Scope of Work
  • Establish accurate budget & and realistic estimate
  • Establish a Realistic Schedule (Phasing options or alternative methods)
  • Determine with the owner, the best delivery and contractual method (Design/Build, CM, Plan & Spec)
  • Review Site Selection & Geotechnical Analysis (Examine existing utilities, Soil conditions)
  • Assistance of Zoning & Building Code Compliance
  • Conceptual Design Review (Building & Site)
  • Review Building Layout
  • Value Engineering
  • Alternative Structural Systems
  • Alternative Building Materials
  • Alternative MEP Systems
  • Review Sustainability
  • Review Energy Consumption
  • Constructability Review

With effective Preconstruction practices, we will help ensure that you are getting the best industrial facility at the best value for your budget.

There is an array of industrial building subtypes in which Cintech has the experience and each type brings their own construction variables to the table:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Trucking Terminals
Cintech Construction

Industrial Construction Services

Whether your industrial building vision is to expand your existing industrial facility or you are looking to build an entirely new ground-up facility, we’re here to help you determine the precise industrial construction services you need to build your vision. Initiating preconstruction and estimating services early will help set the foundation for a smooth and fluid project during construction; therefore, the first course of action is to contact the GC you think you would like to work with and request for help in developing an accurate budget and detailed estimate. To do that we review owner specific needs for industry specific items such as super-flat concrete floors (to ensure automated equipment doesn’t get stuck in mobilization), cranes, rack heights, weight limits, overhead door requirements, etc. Subsequent to reviewing these needs, we review scopes of work, building layout, etc.

Featured Industrial Building Construction Projects

Featured Industrial Building Construction

  • Pole Zero Corporation – West Chester, OH – We added 53,000 sq. ft. to the existing 20,000 sq. ft. Pole Zero facility, increasing the company’s space for product production. The new build seamlessly connected to the existing facility, making it easy for staff to make the transition to the new space.
  • Ashland Chemical – Grove City, OH – The original Ashland Chemical facility was built adjacent to a railroad. We directed the railroad to allow train cars access directly to the facility, making it easy for staff to load cars regardless of the weather. The facility features an administrative office that looks over the site, as well as 14 new loading docks.
  • Ken API Supply – Cincinnati, OH – This 42,700 sq. ft. new build project created an office and administrative space for Ken API Supply. The space also acts as a showroom for customers to view new products.
  • Frederick Steel – Cincinnati, OH – This 100,000 sq. ft. new build project created an office, storage/distribution center for Frederick Steel.

Industrial Building Framing Types

Typically, industrial facilities are framed and built using a few different construction material types, each possessing their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • PEMB (pre-engineered metal building)
  • Tilt-up concrete construction
  • Pre-cast concrete construction
  • Conventional steel-framed construction

We will build your facility in compliance to the exacting standards and specifications the industry requires for items including but not limited to: automatic storage, automatic retrieval, and rack buildings (AS/AR Systems), super-flat concrete floors, temperature and humidity requirements, floor load requirements, crane requirements, overhead door and air curtain requirements.

Cintech Construction

Best-Value Approach

With our realistic scheduling, accurate budgeting, and value-engineering, we will provide the best value for your industrial project. The amount of decisions to be made for your new industrial building can be intimidating, but that is why we are here! To help simplify the process and guide you down the right path from the most effective delivery method (plan & spec , design-build, or construction management) to ensuring the correct industrial building construction framing that fits your needs.

Our best-value approach means that you’ll have our services every step of the way, from input on design to putting the finishing touches on your new industrial building before your doors open for operations.

We Build Efficiencies into your Facility

At Cintech, we’re here to build all the efficiencies you need right into your facility, making it easy for you to utilize your space. We’ll talk with you about your specific and we’ll ensure that everything is in place to get your facility up and running smoothly. We understand that you have many choices when you’re looking for an industrial building construction company for your project, and we’re glad you’re considering working with Cintech.

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