Entertainment Construction

Cintech has an extensive and diverse construction portfolio. One unique market in which we build is the entertainment market, a space in which we have been building for over 25 years. One of our most prevalent repeat clients is Kings Island; to date we have completed over 20 projects ranging from roller coaster ride stations, water park attractions, restaurants, concessions, and more. The key to a successful entertainment project is effective coordination and communication with specialty trade contractors that are uncommon in other markets. These specialty trade contractors typically include vendors that provide special effects and thematic services that give life and character to the rides. If you are looking for a general contractor with extensive experience in working in entertainment construction, Cintech’s market experience not only gives you access to their qualified loyal subcontractor base for best pricing but also gives you peace of mind knowing that we have a proven history and track record of completing successful entertainment projects. Whether working on roller coasters, theaters, or food service, Cintech will bring your project in on time and budget.

Cintech Construction

Experts in Entertainment Construction

Here are a couple types of construction projects Cintech has completed:

  • Sports Stadium / Sports Complex-Related Construction, Entertainment/ Arts Stadium
  • Amusement Park Ride Stations, Concessions, Restaurants, and Water Park attractions.

Featured Entertainment Construction Projects

A few examples can help demonstrate the level of expertise Cintech is able to bring to your entertainment construction project.

  • Kentucky Speedway – infield. This project made heavy use of PEMB to construct racing garages, a first aid building, media building, an onsite restaurant and more. The speedway is able to provide full services to professional race crews and their excited audience.
  • Mystic Timber’s Ride Station at Kings Island. This included intense carpentry to create the wooden aesthetic for the roller coaster. This was a particularly notable project due to inherent site limitations which involved very detailed schedule planning and heavy coordination with various trades to complete the project on time. Kings Island was operational the entire time this project was under construction. The final result serves thousands of riders every season.
  • The Toll Plaza provided Kings Island with a simplified single point of entry for its thousands of visitors every day and enhanced their ability to control the flow of traffic into the Amusement park.
  • Kings Island Antique Autos: a ride that is memorable to every family has come back to the park after having been removed back in 2004. This project consisted of building the main queue structure, gas station, bridges, and billboards.

Featured Entertainment Construction

Best-Value Approach

With our realistic scheduling, accurate budgeting, and value-engineering, we will provide the best value for your entertainment project. The amount of decisions to be made for your new entertainment venue can be intimidating, but that is why we are here! To help simplify the process and guide you down the right path with information from the most effective delivery method to ensuring the correct building approach to your entertainment venue.

Our best-value approach means that you’ll have our services every step of the way, from input on design to putting the finishing touches on your new restaurant before your doors open for operations.

At Cintech, we’re here to build all the efficiencies you need right into your entertainment venue, making it easy for you to utilize your space. We’ll talk with you about your specific needs and we’ll ensure that everything is in place to get your facility up and running smoothly. We understand that you have many choices when you’re looking for an entertainment construction company for your project, and we’re glad you’re considering working with Cintech. Contact us today for more information.

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